5 Ways in Which a Vintage Car Can Complement Your Wedding

One of the things that can easily make or break your wedding is the type of car you hire for transport. If you want the event to standout, then you must invest in a stylish wedding car that will set the right atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be expensive; simply go for a unique vehicle that matches your wedding preferences.

Like most professional wedding planners will tell you, a vintage car always makes a wedding event extraordinary. However, before you contact your local car hire company for a vintage car, it’s good to appreciate the positive side of using a classic car for wedding transport. Here are five of the most apparent benefits of hiring a vintage car.

Makes Great Wedding Photos

Every couple wants every moment of their wedding day captured so that it can serve as a reminder of the joyous and momentous experience. A vintage car makes wedding photos look classy mainly due to its unique features. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing yourself and the love of your life riding on an elegant Chauffeur on the day you tied the knot.

Moran pride vintage car

Brings Uniqueness and Fairytale Element

Due to their scarcity in the market, vintage cars tend to be reminiscent of myths and fairy-tales that existed before. They are also suggestive of a special lifestyle that most people cannot afford. A vintage car will therefore keep people talking about your wedding for many years.

Makes a Wedding Look Expensive

It’s every couple’s desire to have a luxurious event as they wed. However, not everyone can afford a big budget for their wedding day. That’s why alternative wedding ideas are necessary to try and liven up the ambiance of a simple wedding. Wedding planners claim that a vintage car can easily transform a rather plain wedding into a prolific occurrence that will stick in people’s minds for years.

Vintage car-moran pride 1

Offers Adequate Space

Unlike modern cars, a vintage car is fairly large and offers adequate space for the couple to travel to their wedding venue in style. You therefore don’t have to worry about your gown getting squashed due to limited space.

Grand Reception

One of the important elements of a great wedding is the reception. Every couple wants to arrive at their wedding venue in style. This is where a vintage car comes in handy as it is unique, uncommon, and classy. To book one of these beauties call us on +254-710785709 or +254-727102527

710-785-709, 0727-102-527

vintage car-Moran pride

5 Important Questions on Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a big deal, you can be certain that all your guests are looking forward to admiring the design, color and calligraphy in these pieces. These simple elements provide guests with some of the information they have been speculating about since you announced your engagement. But sometimes brides and grooms approach us with lots of questions regarding these special elements.

When is the best time to send the invitations? What information should you include? These are some of the questions we will be answering today. So before you send out your wedding invitation cards, here are some important questions to consider.

When is the best time to send out the wedding invitation cards?

The sooner you send the invites the better it is for your guests because they’ll have more time to clear their schedules and make all the necessary arrangements to attend your wedding. So if possible, send the invitations at least 6 weeks before the wedding.

How much time should you give guests to respond to your invite?

It’s important for people to respond so that you can get the final head-count and have an accurate budget to work with. If there are people who haven’t sent their RSVPs 3 weeks before the day of your wedding, give them a call and find out if they will be attending.


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10 Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas We Totally Love

Your engagement photos are very special. You’ll be reminiscing over the pictures for many years so you better make sure they turn out adorable. Many wedding photographers recommend taking engagement photos because they make you comfortable in front of the camera as you prepare to take the ultimate wedding pics. You’ll learn how to pose, your best angles and the nitty-gritty details that impact on your images.

engagement photo ideas

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Trend Alert: Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

For a bride who wants to maintain modesty, a wedding dress with sleeves is not such a bad idea. Most people who choose long or short sleeved wedding dresses do so because they simply want to cover up. It could be a mature bride who wants to keep things covered. It could also be a decision you make due to religious requirements. But other brides will go for this unique look because it’s stylish and they want something different.

wedding dress with a sleeve

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Most Popular Wedding Ideas of 2014

This year is almost a wrap. But before we dive in to the New Year, let’s take a look at the most popular wedding ideas of 2014. For many of you who follow our latest blog posts, you might have noticed that the category for wedding ideas was quite active this year. 2014 has been a very active year when it comes to weddings not just in Kenya but all over the world.

wedding ideas 2014

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