Why You Need Special Lighting for Your Wedding

Most people assume that accessories such as flowers, lanterns, drapery and centerpieces are enough to complete their dream wedding décor. They however forget one crucial element of wedding décor-Lighting. Getting your lighting right can greatly enhance your overall setup. Drama Sounds and Events explain why you shouldn’t take lighting for granted

Natural Light is Unpredictable

If you are having an outdoor wedding, natural lighting may actually work out saving you expenses on extra lighting. However, if you are having an indoor wedding or an evening party, it is advisable to invest in special lighting. The weather can also affect the natural lighting, turning an ordinarily bright hall dark and gloomy. Even an outdoor wedding can lack adequate lighting if the skies are overcast, or the venue is sheltered from natural lighting.

Lighting complements your décor

When picking a wedding theme, you obviously have a color scheme that all your décor reflects. The ordinary lighting provided by the venue may contrast with your color scheme. Having special lighting which complements the décor will accentuate your other accessories, showcasing them pleasantly by enhancing their tones. You may actually save on décor because lighting adds a lot of dazzle and glamour to any simple setup


Good lighting equals good photography

To ensure you have picture perfect photographs from your special event, make the photographer’s work easier by providing special lighting at the venue. The colors add a soft glow, making everyone look great in the photos. When picking out a lighting expert, it may be a good idea to have a sit down with the photographer for advice on what lights would offer best results.


Special lighting provides a relaxed ambiance

In interior design, lighting is used to influence ambiance. The same applies at your event. Your guests will feel more relaxed and festive if they are bathed in soft colored lights as opposed to harsh, bright lighting. If you want your guests mingling and in a real party mood, make them feel at ease with special effects lighting such as disco balls and embedded monograms on the dance floor.

So an experienced special lighting expert can turn your wedding into a memorable, one of a kind event. It is also a good idea to find a vendor that can do both sound and lighting for you as they can provide all equipment at a bargain and with fewer logistics for you.


Drama Sounds and Events have got you covered with event solutions including effect lighting, intelligent lighting, screens, fog machine, stage setup, DJ/MC services among others. You can reach Drama Sounds on 0727 765157

Ignite the Spark with the Right Honeymoon Lingerie Choices

After the stress and excitement of the big day, every couple looks forward to a spectacular honeymoon and more so an unforgettable wedding night. This much anticipated occasion marks the start of their life together and sets the tone for their future intimate moments.

To ignite the spark in these special moments, every bride should invest in some sensual honeymoon lingerie. But choosing the right lingerie can be tricky if like many brides, you usually stick to the basics. A few reasons why your wedding night lingerie needs to be a cut above your everyday inner-wear include:

  • Confidence: looking good in the bedroom will make you feel confident and sexy
  • Sex Appeal: men are visual creatures and your hubby will appreciate the extra effort
  • Comfort: slipping into a hot little number can keep you comfy in tropical honeymoon locations

So what are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for honeymoon lingerie?

Body Type

Women come in different shapes and sizes and dressing to accentuate your body type is important even for lingerie. Hour glass figures have various options including sexy bra and thong sets that show off their waistlines. Pear shapes require a little boost on the bust so camisoles with padded or wired bras and clingy fabric panties are a great choice.


Athletic body types look good in bustiers and panties with additional detailing such as ruffles for extra curves. There are also less revealing lingerie options for plus sized women including robes and sarongs.


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Fun Ways to Get In Shape Before Your Wedding

Brides are often nervous about how they will look on their big day. Will I fit into my wedding dress perfectly? How will I look on the wedding night? All these questions and more may pile up the pressure and give you unnecessary wedding blues.

But there are several fun ways to ensure you look your best in that stunning gown without having to take drastic measures. Among our favorites are:


A leisurely dip in the pool may be just what you need to unwind from all the pressures of wedding planning. But this perfectly manageable routine also works wonders on your physique by toning muscles while providing great cardio exercise.

Another plus side of swimming is you can enjoy it with your significant other or friends. It’s not that hard to get swimming buddies who will help you keep up the practice. You will be surprised what a 1hr swim twice a week for 3 months will do for your arms, abdomen, calves and thighs.



Before you run for the hills at the thought of contorting into unimaginable positions, hear me out. Yoga is becoming a worldwide phenomenon because of its obvious benefits. This age old workout provides both strength and flexibility training without the use of external aids such as weights.

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5 Reasons Why Acapella Groups are a Timeless Wedding Favorite

People will judge your wedding by the kind of entertainment you offer. This is sad, but true. You can lay out the heartiest of feasts at the most exquisite venue, but if they are not entertained adequately, your guests will be bored and may even leave early.

While everyone’s idea of a good time may vary, there is one wedding entertainment option you can never go wrong with- an acappella band such as Ninga Melodies. These bands have been around for ages, with good reasons:

Family Friendly

 Acapella bands tend to have a selection of decent, family friendly tunes that guests of all ages can enjoy. This is especially convenient if you are using the band in the church or any religious grounds where reservations regarding secular music may arise.

Since you can sample all their music in advance, there are usually no surprises.



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6 Wedding Limousine Rental Companies That Offer First Class Experience

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. That’s why limousines have become the de facto wedding transport choice for couples who want to go all out in making an unforgettable occasion and a lasting impression during their wedding. Below are five of the best wedding limo hire companies that will give you the kind of wedding ride you only see in movies and royal wedding ceremonies.

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Moran Pride Limited

Moran Pride incorporates an intricate blend of flexibility, innovation, style and convenience in its service to clients. It is the only transport company in the country that has expanded its spectrum of services to include airport transfers, charter/private aviation services, hot air balloons and vintage cars.

The Nairobi based company boasts of professionally trained chauffeurs, qualified pilots and other trained stuff managing their fleet of high quality luxury cars and planes. All their hired cars and limousines come with a chauffeur.

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