Planning For An Event Sanitation-Important Considerations


Modern couples stopped booking primary schools, high schools and other social places as their preferred venue for a wedding. Special wedding venues, including beach fronts come with their fair of logistical upheavals with regards to provision of sanitation services. Mobile toilets are the way to go , and Ecotact Limited stand at the ready to offer these services at affordable … [Read more...]

Luxury Safari Honeymoon- What to Expect


How do you plan to enjoy your honeymoon? Let me take a guess- you are dreaming of strolling barefoot on one of Kenya’s popular white sand beaches. It’s not a bad idea, but maybe you should consider something more adventurous, like a luxury safari honeymoon? You will have a chance to get up close and personal with the legendary Kenyan wildlife ranging from the big cats of … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Settle for an Outdoor Wedding


One of the first rules of planning a wedding is finding a suitable venue. Professional wedding planners like Dazzling Events Ltd agree that the planning process is made much easier when a location has already been decided. It is much easier to organize other elements around a specific spot than trying the reverse. There are very many reasons to settle for an outdoor affair. … [Read more...]

Reasons to Hire a Vintage Car for Your Event


When it comes to ticking wedding errands off a checklist, one of the crucial items is transportation. Compromises cannot be made here. It has to have the perfect blend between functionality and style, just the sort of assurance you can get from Moran Pride Limited. How else is the bride supposed to get to her venue gown intact and poise maintained? Definitely not on a taxi or … [Read more...]

5 Out of The Box Aisle Decoration Ideas


The beauty of walking down the aisle hangs on the aesthetic appeal of that relatively long 'runway', its a center of attraction, the one place where all eyes are trained. It thus makes a lot of sense to put considerable effort into sufficiently sprucing up the aisle. It calls for creativity though, anything short of that would render the whole experience dull. Here are some … [Read more...]

Four Wedding Cake Traditions


A wedding Cake is that one item that nearly every invited guest looks forward to seeing and hopefully admiring. It is the centerpiece upon which every other element falls into place. Finding the right design that complements the taste and personality of the soon to be newly weds while at the same time blending with the general decor can be taxing but thankfully there are … [Read more...]

4 Worthwhile Reasons To Be Worried Before You Wed


The only people you’ve ever committed your life to were your parents, and if you’re reading this article you’ve probably already moved out. So tying the knot with someone who has probably known you for less than half that time can be scary. The anxiety might make you reconsider your decision, cold feet aren’t unusual, but could it be something more than mere apprehension that’s … [Read more...]

Symbolism Behind Different Wedding Gown Colors


There is no written rule that obliges a bride to wear white on her big day. It is after all her day and she is allowed to get away with anything that crosses her mind- as long as it's within reason. And the law. There are many colors out there just waiting to be tried on and a good place to start the search or place an order is a wedding dress parlor like Abigail Bridal … [Read more...]