Four Awesome Kenyan Destinations for a Safari Honeymoon


The great outdoors! What could be more perfect for a couple than to enjoy each other’s company in the seclusion and serenity of the vast wilderness? It’s the ideal combination of romance and adventure. Forget the overdone coastal honeymoons. Inject some uniqueness into your alone time with a safari escapade. It will make for some wonderful memories that are hard to … [Read more...]

Three Reasons You Should Choose the Lace up Wedding Gown


Zippers and buttons have for a long time been the staple for wedding dresses. However, they are facing some stiff competition from the latest entry into the field; the lace-up. The corset is nothing new. It has been around for centuries although its use was mainly limited to formal wear. Changing trends in the wedding industry have seen this back closure gaining some serious … [Read more...]

Four Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Newlyweds


It takes time for the excitement of fresh matrimony to die down, not just for the blissful couple but for their family and friends as well. It’s a natural human tendency to bombard newlyweds with questions when we stumble upon them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Most of the time, we are generally concerned about their well being. The rest of the time, we are just being … [Read more...]

Dealing with Wedding Crushers


Imagine this, you have your wedding guest list out, you have double checked every name but you still spot some uninvited guests at your wedding. This can be frustrating to anyone and especially those who have fixed budgets. If you are worried this might happen to your wedding, below are a few things you can do to ensure you properly deal with wedding crushers during your … [Read more...]

Wedding Dress Code Guide for the Groom


With most weddings, the bride is usually the one who gets the most attention at the expense of the groom. This may leave the groom detached from the whole process as he may feel like it is not his special day. Most grooms therefore spend little effort on their dress codes leading to a horrible experience. If you are groom to be, you may want to read these five tips that will … [Read more...]

5 Things men wish their women wouldn’t do


The internet is full of endless articles based on what women wish men would and would not do. Men also have an endless list of things we hate when women do them. The only difference is that your man barely has time to make you aware of them or simply doesn’t want to ruin your day. That’s how much men care. Here are some of the annoying habits men would like you to stop. Buying … [Read more...]

36 Questions that will Apparently Make You Fall in Love


Is there an easy sure way to make somebody crazy about you? According to psychologist Arthur Aron, there is. All it takes is a set of 36 questions to make two people, strangers even, fall head over heels in love with each other or to strengthen an already existing relationship. The questions start out easily and progress in terms of complexity. First off, the couple spends … [Read more...]

What Should a Male Guest Wear to a Wedding?


Women put a lot of thought into their outfits, especially where weddings are concerned. It is the perfect forum for females to outdo each other and an amazing platform for fashion photographers to get some serious shots. Men however, aren’t particularly known for their knack in dressing for the occasion. Some men imagine that clean jeans and a t-shirt is a proper way of … [Read more...]