8 Kenyan Makeup Artists To Look Out for in 2015

Every woman deserves to look beautiful, especially on their wedding day. Professionally done make up can give you that sophisticated, youthful look by enhancing your natural features while camouflaging your flaws. Today we take a look at the hottest make-up artists in town. Whether you need bridal make up or just to get spruced up for a special event, these makeup artists can transform your looks in a matter of minutes

Muthoni Njoba (The Make-Up Lounge)

Muthoni Njoba

As the official Brand Ambassador and Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York Kenya, this lady has over 5 years in the industry. She studied the art at the Academy of Freelance Makeup in London. Her passion for makeup has seen her create the tutorial series dubbed BE.YOU.TIFUL. She is responsible for the fabulous looks of True Love Magazine’s cover pics. You can find her portfolio at www.muthoninjoba.com

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Wedding Gown Shopping Secrets

Perhaps the most anticipated activity in wedding planning for any bride is wedding gown shopping. While there is often a bit of anxiety about finding the perfect dress, there is also the excitement of trying on dozens of beautiful gowns.

It’s a lot like the dating process actually, when you find The One- that gown you would give anything to walk down the aisle in- you will KNOW. But just in case your dating experiences were the ‘kiss a thousand frogs before finding your prince’ variety, here are a few tips to help you find your dream wedding dress with less heartache:

Start Searching Early

We cannot emphasize the importance of taking your time in finding a gown. Even if you don’t have the finances ready yet, you need to start looking around in order to figure out what you like. You may even enjoy discounts when you shop during low seasons. You will also have adequate time for ordering and shipping your wedding gown, and even altering it if necessary.

perfect bride

Trust the Professionals

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5 Magically Unique Wedding Night Hotels Across Kenya

That first night together as a married couple is an occasion worth celebrating in style. While you may have the perfect honeymoon destination picked out, the right wedding night accommodation can crown the most memorable day of your life. We will share some of our favorite wedding night hotels in Kenya so you can be pampered with luxury no matter the location you picked for your wedding venue.

Tribe Hotel, Nairobi

For city folk seeking more than a cookie cutter hotel experience on their wedding night, the Tribe Hotel was created for you. Located on Limuru Road next to the Village Market, this luxury boutique hotel ensures both serenity and convenience.


Sophistication and opulence are two words that begin to describe Tribe’s décor, at the center of which is the elegant display of beautiful artworks and handicrafts. Amenities include the Jiko Restaurant with the finest cuisine and an exclusive wine list; the Kaya Spa offering diverse spa treatments; a large swimming pool and a swanky rooftop bar with a spectacular view.

Wedding Services Kenya and Tribe Hotel are now giving you the chance to win and experience luxury on your wedding night by entering our contest here.

Samich Resort, Eldoret

This little known award winning gem overlooks Kerio Valley in Eldoret. Luxury takes on a new meaning at this countryside resort that offers stunning views in a serene environment. A variety of spacious rooms and suites with chic finishes and the most modern amenities are available. The restaurant boasts international and local cuisine, with a relaxed open bar for that much needed night cap.


We love Samich Resort because of its homely atmosphere, classic architecture and personalized service. If your wedding is in Eldoret and its environs, this is the perfect place to take a breather on your wedding night.

English Point Marina, Mombasa

If you are looking for a one of a kind experience on your wedding night in Mombasa, the English Point Marina will not disappoint. This architectural masterpiece of a resort offers air conditioned apartment or hotel room options for accommodation.


Located on a private sandy beach overlooking the English Point creek, the exquisite décor and world class service will blow you away. You can enjoy dinner or cocktails at Jazz Restaurant overlooking the ocean, take a dip in the large pool or have a spa treatment at Ansui Spa. Its convenient location in Nyali gives you easy access from any wedding venue in town.

Sovereign Hotel, Kisumu

For those with a wedding venue at the lakeside, Sovereign Hotel offers a convenient location for your wedding night. This expat run boutique hotel has spacious elegant rooms, lush gardens and a swimming pool. Sovereign’s offer for ‘unprecedented luxury’ seems validated by their tasteful décor and excellent service levels. Their restaurant is also popular for a variety of international cuisine and the cosy bar provides a relaxed ambience. A gym and spa are also available to work off that post wedding fatigue.


Aberdare Country Club, Nyeri

Granted it is a little out of the town centre, this rustic cottage hotel in Mweiga Hills that is also one of Kenya’s heritage sites is worth the drive out of town. The scenic mountain landscapes, fresh air and tranquil environment are just what you need after a hectic wedding day.\


A wedding night in the secluded Honey Suckle Suite is guaranteed to be special, with timeless homely décor and excellent room service. There is a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, health club and gift shop as well as plenty of activities including bird watching and horse riding if you will be staying on.



How to Tell If Your Wedding Guests Are Having a Crappy Time

Sanitation, it’s one of those items most couples relegate to the bottom of their wedding budget. They figure that wedding décor, catering and of course photography are the most important items for a successful wedding. But considering just how many hours guests spend at your event, there are so many things that can go wrong if you fail to provide adequate sanitation services like mobile toilets for them. Here’s a rough idea of what such a wedding reception would look like:

The queue at the washrooms is longer than the one at the catering tent

This often happens when you pick a venue that comes with washrooms on site, say a small hotel’s gardens. The problem here is that their four toilets are not equipped to handle your 500 wedding guests. This will inevitably lead to long queues, with guests spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to access the facilities as opposed to enjoying themselves.

The photographer has to keep retaking his shots because the guests are grimacing instead of smiling

They are avoiding using the filthy washrooms at the school or church grounds you picked as the reception venue. No one informed you that the school toilets stink and have no water to flush. The guests will stop eating and drinking and start counting down to the end of the wedding so they can escape.


There are whole empty tables at the reception for long periods at a time

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Are you Guilty of committing the 7 Deadly Sins on your Wedding Night?

The wedding night is perhaps the most sacred occasion of your union. But are you guilty of committing the 7 Deadly Sins on that blessed night? Most couples are and probably didn’t even realize it. Take the test here and find out how many of them you committed:


Most couples hardly get the chance to eat anything during the ceremony. You may have been too nervous. Or maybe you did not want to ruin your make up, or stain that hired wedding gown. The result is you go crazy on your wedding night, ordering in buckets of food from room service or takeout. The hunger games take centre stage and you both eat and drink yourself into a stupor. If this GLUTTONY is reminiscent of your wedding night, you can check this off your 7 Deadly Sins list.



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