Secret Bridal Beauty Tips for Every Bride

The countdown to your wedding has officially begun. Three, Two, One week to the big day and your face still isn’t glowing as much as you would want it to. You’ve followed all the bridal beauty tips in the book: exercised, eat healthy foods, made water your closest friend by downing more than 8 glasses a day. However, there is still something missing – that radiant, healthy glow and a sparkle in your eyes that will make sure no one can take their eyes off you when you walk down that aisle.

Additionally, everyone expects you to be the epitome of bridal beauty and this just adds a lot of pressure when planning your bridal beauty regimen. At this point you would do anything to get some real and useful bridal beauty tips.Well you are in luck:

Plan Ahead

You’ve already picked out the venue for your wedding, the band that will perform, the gown, the flowers, and decorations that you would like. The only thing you forgot is you – how do you take care of yourself to ensure that you look gorgeous and pretty on this important day?


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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Transport

Wedding transport is not just about movement from one point to the other. This crucial component of your wedding planning facilitates all other activities such as the ceremony, photo session and reception. Narrowing down to a specific wedding transport provider or option for your big day must therefore be a prioritized consideration.

Remember, other than ensuring everyone gets there on time, this is your opportunity to make a statement and add a unique touch to your big day.

The most important thing is blending your wedding theme and style with the type of vehicles you choose. At Moran Pride, we provide you with a long list of vehicles to choose from to blend with your wedding style. In this article, we share some important tips you should be aware of while shopping for wedding transport.

Choose a Trusted Company


With many freelance car owners out there, you want to be sure that you deal with a reputable company that has proper systems to ensure that all your instructions are followed to the latter.

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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

You may have dreamt of planning your entire wedding, from picking out a perfect venue, décor, attire, type of limo to use and everything else in between. However, your tight work schedule, school or even the pressure of being the groom or bride may weigh you down and make it impossible for you to accomplish this fete without a wedding planner.

Hiring a wedding planner such as A Fine touch Ltd is a wise investment for anyone looking to enjoy their big day. However much it might cost you, you will definitely have a better time on your wedding day when you can sit down and relax knowing that everything is under control. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a wedding planner.

Sticklers for deadlines

Wedding planners help you save on time and resources. A resourceful wedding planner will help you work within your budget and save you a lot of valuable time. Generally speaking, wedding planning takes you at least three to four months.


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Varied wedding catering options from Divine Caterers

In Kenyan weddings they often say, if you serve the right food for your guests then you have earned their smiles. Considering how guests often come just in time for the reception ceremony, getting the wedding catering right will earn you loyalty points as a couple. A caterer will come in very handy in weddings that have over twenty invited guests.

Divine Caterers have diligently provided professional wedding catering services to the Kenyan market for the past four years. We are usually engaged for the better part of the year, a testimony to the quality of our services.


Your wedding catering service choice at Divine Caterers is mainly guided by which particular foods you want served at your wedding. This can be selected from a large menu that includes snacks such as meat balls, beef skewers and kebabs, mini pizzas, spring rolls, samosas, chicken skewers and wings and fish fingers as well as Nigerian, Indian, Kenyan, Brazilian and Italian cuisines.

Divine Caterers will customize your menu along the following lines:

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Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

The sleepless nights leading up to your wedding day quickly become a fading memory once you arrive at your honeymoon destination. This peaceful and romantic getaway provides quality time with your significant other, to unwind and connect more deeply.

For a long time, couples have wrongly believed that there’s no better honeymoon location in Kenya than Mombasa. Indeed there are countless honeymoondestinations in other parts of Kenya that offer more unique honeymoon experiences than Mombasa. Once you have made your pick, Salaton Safaris will be at hand to facilitate the entire experience for you.

Here are a few unique honeymoon destinations you may consider.

Shompole Eco Safari Lodge


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