Different Styles of Bridal Lingerie

Your first intimate moments as newlyweds should be carefully planned and shopping for honeymoon lingerie needs to be on top of your to-do list. Wearing stunning bridal lingerie will make you feel confident, comfortable and sexy on your first night as a married couple. It’s ok if you’ve never worn anything interesting underneath for anyone before.

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There’s still time to learn about the different types of lingerie available and choose one that perfectly suits your body shape and style. [Read more...]

Get Inspiration For The Perfect Wedding Cake

The process of choosing the perfect wedding cake design is overwhelming for most brides. But it doesn’t have to be so stressful. You just have to find some inspiration for your cake style. Be sure to select a design that you truly love and choose a baker who has the ability to execute it perfectly. Always remember that the stunning cake you come across on magazines and wedding websites need a lot of work. So always consider factors like your budget when choosing a cake design.

wedding cake ideas and inspiration

Today we’ll take a look at some stunning cake designs from Kate’s Bakers and hopefully you’ll get some inspiration by seeing these wedding cakes. [Read more...]

‘Shine like a Star’ With Quality Bridal Jewelry

After spending so much time looking for the perfect gown, the next important step is to find stunning bridal jewelry that blends perfectly with your chosen dress. Jewelry complements your wedding attire. Choose the wrong accessories and you’ll completely kill your look. Pick the perfect jewelry and you’ll shine like a star.

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To look your best, be keen when choosing your wedding jewelry and follow the tips below. [Read more...]

10 Wedding Fashion Blunders You Must Avoid

Never, Ever Wear This to a Wedding

We’ve all seen those tacky things people wear to weddings. Showing too much skin, trying to outshine the bride or not taking time to dress the part, all these habits are downright offensive. And you wonder why you’re not receiving any more wedding invitations. Start with our blog in case you’ve run out of ideas on what to wear to a wedding.

wedding fashion blunders

With plenty of clothing options to choose from, please stay away from these 12 wedding fashion blunders. [Read more...]

How To Shop For Designer Wedding Shoes

Shoe shopping can seem like a trivial task especially if you’re looking for the perfect pair for your wedding day. How can you ensure those beautiful designer wedding shoes that look unbelievably stunning don’t end up ruining that special day? The trick is to find comfortable shoes that fit perfect.

designer wedding shoes

Remember, there’s nothing worse than forcing a smile on your big day while trying to contain the pain of sore feet. [Read more...]