Top 10 Best Wedding Gardens in Kenya

We’ve scouted the county for the best wedding gardens and we are glad to report that there’s no shortage of stunning venues for garden weddings in Kenya. Kenya has the finest destinations for garden weddings. And as much as garden weddings are gaining in popularity, finding the perfect location is not easy. Some of these wedding gardens are booked weekend after weekend.

garden weddings

To save time and money, it is advisable to start booking early. We couldn’t mention all the beautiful gardens we come across after doing thorough research so we’ve narrowed down the list to our top 10 favorites. [Read more...]

5 Popular Trends in Men’s wedding Suits

A couple of years back, it was very easy for men to just wake up and wear whatever was clean and easy to pull out from the closet. Most men cared less about fashion, even though some would wear groom tuxedos to look trendy. But these days it’s a different case. Yes, men have a taste in fashion just like the ladies. You can tell by the variety of men’s wedding suits available online.

Men’s wedding Suits

Keeping up with the latest trends however, does not come easy for men. Wedding suits to be precise are not their cup of tea even with their slowly evolving fashion trends.

If you are looking for different men’s wedding suits that you can wear to a wedding, here are some great ideas. [Read more...]

One of a Kind Wedding limousine

Range Rover Vogue Courtesy of White Horse Limousine & Car Hire

Wedding limousine - Range Rover Vogue

When we came across this beautiful wedding limousine, we knew we just found the perfect match for couples who really wanted to make a grand entrance. The Range Rover Vogue from  White Horse Limousine & Car Hire is the kind of limo that leaves you standing with your mouth open and jaw dropped. You’ll feel like royalty in this car. From the music to the lighting, interior and ambiance, everything about this wedding limousine is above and beyond your expectations. [Read more...]

10 Romantic Ideas to Spice up Your Honeymoon

As newlyweds, your honeymoon is the best time to enjoy each others company, relax and do the unexpected. We know you’ve done a whole lot of planning for the wedding and this is probably one area you’d like to do something out of the blue. There’s absolutely no harm in doing crazy and romantic stuff on your honeymoon. Just make sure you get a honeymoon destination that guarantees you maximum privacy.

Honeymoon ideas

[Read more...]

Different Styles of Bridal Lingerie

Your first intimate moments as newlyweds should be carefully planned and shopping for honeymoon lingerie needs to be on top of your to-do list. Wearing stunning bridal lingerie will make you feel confident, comfortable and sexy on your first night as a married couple. It’s ok if you’ve never worn anything interesting underneath for anyone before.

African Lingerie Kenya

There’s still time to learn about the different types of lingerie available and choose one that perfectly suits your body shape and style. [Read more...]