10 Wedding Photos you Don’t Want to Miss

A wedding photographer is responsible for creating stunning photos that you will be proud to show off years after the wedding day. While planning your wedding, one of the most important items is meeting with the photographer to discuss how you would want the shots taken. A professional photographer should be able to give you ideas on the best shots that would be treasured.

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There are special moments in the ceremony that should always be a priority to capture on this day. Among some of the wedding photos you wouldn’t want to miss are: [Read more...]

Stunning Bridal Gown Options for You

When you are finally engaged and waiting for the big day, wedding preparations are always on your mind, especially what to wear.  There is nothing wrong with that – you are the bride after all.  Because you have dreamt of this day all your life, it is important to ensure that you look as stunning in reality in this once in a lifetime event.

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[Read more...]

5 Unforgettable Wedding Entrance Styles

You have probably seen the sluggish “Here comes the bride” trot a million times before at every wedding you attended. The bridal party drags one foot ahead of the other without urgency because it is that one day when the world stands still to behold the union of two charmed lovers.

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But at the back of your mind you know you wouldn’t mind a change once in a while: perhaps something more original if not livelier. In fact you have the same kind of ideas for your own wedding. Nowadays, wedding culture is changing as more couples incorporate alternative approaches to what was the norm. One of those changes has been a shift in wedding marches. [Read more...]

A Guide to Finding the Best Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding is an exciting process especially if you already know what you need and where to get it. In any wedding, there has to be plenty of flowers to decorate the venue and create the right ambience. There also has to be a bouquet of flowers for the bride, maids, and flowers girls. So, it’s clear that important decisions have to be made as to the type of flowers to grace your wedding.

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Most couples leave this decision to their wedding planners, expecting them to get everything right. But either way you need to have a clue about the type of flowers that work best for you. Knowing the steps to take in choosing the right flowers for your wedding makes the whole process even more exciting. Here are a few practical tips on how you should go about choosing your wedding flowers. [Read more...]

How to Take Care of Your Bridal Gown

A bridal gown needs proper care before and after the wedding day. This has often been a least discussed topic but we will go ahead and let it out. The dresses have unique features that require keen attention while storing them. They are designed with delicate materials that are vulnerable to stains and oxidation.

taking care of bridal gown

Let’s discuss a few tips on how you can give your Bridal Gown that sparkling look long after your big day. [Read more...]