How About an Evening Wedding?

Regina Hall and Terrence J in the hit movie "Think Like a man"

There’s something stunning and romantic about the evening, probably why so many acts of love occur around that time. So why not a wedding?In“Think like a Man 2”, Candace (Regina Hall) and Michael (Terrence J) get married in a beautiful Las Vegas setting during the night time. Besides being a unique, unforgettable experience for both the wedded couple and their guests, it’s a … [Read more...]

6 Hot Wedding Décor Trends for 2015


While wedding ceremonies may be similar in many ways, it is your wedding décor that gives character to the event. This means getting creative with your décor options. In this article, we look at some of the trendiest wedding décor trends that will transform your event to a top notch affair: Chiavari Seats The age of draping cloth over plastic seats is gone. Chiavari seats, … [Read more...]

8 Kenyan Makeup Artists To Look Out for in 2015

Muthoni Njoba

Every woman deserves to look beautiful, especially on their wedding day. Professionally done make up can give you that sophisticated, youthful look by enhancing your natural features while camouflaging your flaws. Today we take a look at the hottest make-up artists in town. Whether you need bridal make up or just to get spruced up for a special event, these makeup artists can … [Read more...]

Wedding Gown Shopping Secrets

perfect bride

Perhaps the most anticipated activity in wedding planning for any bride is wedding gown shopping. While there is often a bit of anxiety about finding the perfect dress, there is also the excitement of trying on dozens of beautiful gowns. It’s a lot like the dating process actually, when you find The One- that gown you would give anything to walk down the aisle in- you will … [Read more...]

5 Magically Unique Wedding Night Hotels Across Kenya


That first night together as a married couple is an occasion worth celebrating in style. While you may have the perfect honeymoon destination picked out, the right wedding night accommodation can crown the most memorable day of your life. We will share some of our favorite wedding night hotels in Kenya so you can be pampered with luxury no matter the location you picked for … [Read more...]

How to Tell If Your Wedding Guests Are Having a Crappy Time


Sanitation, it’s one of those items most couples relegate to the bottom of their wedding budget. They figure that wedding décor, catering and of course photography are the most important items for a successful wedding. But considering just how many hours guests spend at your event, there are so many things that can go wrong if you fail to provide adequate sanitation services … [Read more...]

Are you Guilty of committing the 7 Deadly Sins on your Wedding Night?


The wedding night is perhaps the most sacred occasion of your union. But are you guilty of committing the 7 Deadly Sins on that blessed night? Most couples are and probably didn’t even realize it. Take the test here and find out how many of them you committed: Gluttony Most couples hardly get the chance to eat anything during the ceremony. You may have been too nervous. Or … [Read more...]

Why You Need Special Lighting for Your Wedding


Most people assume that accessories such as flowers, lanterns, drapery and centerpieces are enough to complete their dream wedding décor. They however forget one crucial element of wedding décor-Lighting. Getting your lighting right can greatly enhance your overall setup. Drama Sounds and Events explain why you shouldn’t take lighting for granted Natural Light is … [Read more...]