Breaking up Gracefully: Five things to Remember


It doesn’t matter how long the two of you have been dating. It could be a couple of months or years. For one reason or another, you no longer want to pursue the relationship further. Terminating things can be difficult but it is has to be done. Only a coward will disappear or behave cruelly, hoping that their partner can read between the lines and leave. Be man or woman … [Read more...]

Five Tell-tale Signs That He’s not that Into You


There’s no doubt that you’re into this man. You smile when you think about him. You keep on rehashing that conversation you had the other day. You can barely contain your excitement when you think of seeing him. You have the next meeting all planned out in your mind. You know what you will wear and which hairstyle to rock. One problem though. You’re not sure if he feels … [Read more...]

Wedding Etiquette for Groomsmen


Besides looking sharp and handsome, groomsmen play an integral role in making a wedding successful. They are supposed to give the groom-to-be the necessary moral and material support in days leading up to the wedding and on the actual wedding day. If it’s the first time you are serving as a groomsman, you are likely to find it frustrating, especially if you have no idea what’s … [Read more...]

What does a Wedding Mcee Contract Entail?


Tying up lose ends with respective vendors before your wedding happens is something you shouldn't take for granted. Having a contract drafted, vividly spelling out the terms of engagement and getting the documents duly signed before the due date can save you a lot of heartache.  Penda Ireri is a popular wedding MC in Nairobi, he explains the important aspects of a contract … [Read more...]

Catering Considerations for an Outdoor Wedding


Garden, backyard and other outdoor wedding receptions are all the rage right now. You can’t blame a couple for choosing this over an indoor affair. From the fresh air to the scenic views and the sweet sounds of nature, there are enough reasons to lean towards the former. Not forgetting the amazing lighting that will help produce stunning images. However, one main area where … [Read more...]

Dealing with a Bridezilla


You’ve probably heard of a bridezilla. A creature straight from your worst nightmare. According to stories and movies, you know that she is a complete pain in the neck. It is near impossible to reason with her. She makes everyone around her want to dash for the nearest exit. A few choice words jump to mind when you think of her. She has to get her way and in her bid to do so, … [Read more...]

Should You Have Two wedding Dresses?


As any former bride can attest, shopping for the wedding dress was probably at the top of the most stressful and frustrating experiences. One would imagine that it’s fun dragging friends and relatives to a bridal shop and have them score you on the different outfits you try on. It's far from this. No doubt, it starts out as fun. Then slowly the reality creeps in. It’s not … [Read more...]

The Correct Way to Hang Toilet Paper


The debate regarding the proper way to hang a roll of tissue paper is one that has been ranging on forever. Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether it goes over or under the spindle. It is one of those non-issues that gets tempers flaring at times. People that are concerned with the nitty-gritty are especially prone to feeling a little angry when they enter a toilet to … [Read more...]